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Welcome to the Out of Character Community for scriptificus. We are a writing collective doing a crossover series with the fandoms Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We begun on February 1, 2010. We hope you'll join us for the journey.

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Oct. 21st, 2012

You might have noticed that updates have become less frequent. We are getting into the time of year when the Scriptificus Totalus writers tend to be busy with other things. Specifically Nanowrimo and family obligations for the holiday season. We're not saying there won't be updates in November or December. We're just saying there won't be as many. Also, we find taking a hiatus and picking up many months later tends to keep us a bit fresher.

Thanks for sticking with us, and happy reading.


Hi, gentle readers. We really didn’t mean to make almost everyone be angst-ridden all at the same time. That’s just how the story arcs happened this round as we try to wrap up Volume III. We like our angst as much as we like our romance, our bromance, our action and our comedy. We’re a pretty ‘Slytherclaw’ little group of sadists, so we like to torture the characters and be clever about it. We’re ending Volume III with a bang and introducing a new story arc for Volume IV. We hope you stay tuned. To everyone who’s reviewing, thank you. If you are reading and not reviewing, don’t be shy. We don’t bite... hard.

Happy reading.
Couple of things.

If you have questions, you’re probably supposed to. Just because we haven’t addressed something in a scene doesn’t mean we aren’t going to, but keep questioning us. We like that.

Some of these characters are not wholly sympathetic. You’re not supposed to like everyone, and sometimes, those lines there are not clearly defined. They’re going to do things you won’t like, act like dicks, etc. Doesn’t mean they won’t snap out of that or change. Just be patient. Doesn’t mean they will change though, either. Just a warning there.

We don’t do things for no reason around here. If you’re left with a wtf or a when did that happen feeling after a scene, that’s more than likely what we were going for... or the writers were having an off day. What? It happens.

Just because characters in a scene are male and female does not mean we are hooking them up. We might be, but that doesn’t mean it will happen either. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Each writer here has a set collection of characters they write for. Sometimes as much as the writers want to do something, the characters’ voices do not allow it.

All in all, we hope you continue to read and enjoy. And keep questioning us.


Just in case anytone is curious, this is what the crups look like.  (Only with two tails.  I don't feel like altering the photos right now.)



Lola (after she's gotten into makeup):


Thank You!

According to the story statistics on TTH:

Volume I has 22 recommendations, 1,239 hits per chapter, 90,908 total hits, and 90 reviews.  It is also tracked by 256 readers.

Volume II has 16 recommendations, 841 hits per chapter, 140,426 total hits, and 304 reviews.  It is tracked by 233 readers.

Volume III has 9 recommendations, 607 hits per chapter, 29,726 total hits, and 105 reviews.  It is tracked by 229 readers.

Very few of the readers review.  This is always the case.  But seeing the statistics, knowing that there are so many people coming back to our little universe again and again...

Wow.  Seriously.  Wow.

Whether you read here on LJ or over at TTH, we want to thank you. 


It has been 16 months since we last updated this story.  I thank you all for hanging in there as we the authors have dealt with various life changes.  Jobs, school, birth, deaths, and moves have all conspired to make us too busy to give Script the attention that it needs.

But, I come bearing good news.  We have tentative plans to continue the story starting in March or April.  The posting will not be as often as it was originally, but the story will progress.

Until then, we thank you all for your patience.



No, we haven't disappeared. Two of us are on vacation. Look for regular posting again as of June 7.


Some Coven members, MacDougals, Rowen and Alice

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